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Finding the empirical formula of Magnesium Oxide Essays

Finding the empirical formula of Magnesium Oxide Essays Chemistry Lab Report Finding the empirical formula of Magnesium Oxide Student Name: Lareen Othman Class: 9A Teacher: Juline Daibes Introduction: The empirical formula of a chemical compound is the simplest ratio of atoms that are presented in a compound. A simple example of this is the empirical formula of sulfur monoxide which is SO, and the empirical formula of disulfur dioxide, S2O2. Those two formulas are considered the same. Aim: The aim of this experiment is to investigate the empirical formula of magnesium oxide. Hypothesis: I predict that the empirical formula of magnesium oxide will be MgO as the combustion of magnesium will generate data which can be used to calculate the empirical formula of magnesium oxide. The number of magnesium atoms used in the reaction would need the same number of oxygen atoms to form magnesium oxide. Variables: Independent Variable Amount of Magnesium Dependent Variable Amount of Magnesium Oxide Controlled Variable Heat/ mass of crucible and cover Equipment & Materials: [List the material & equipment required for the experiment] Tools: crucible, cover, heat, tongs, digital balance, stand, and stop watch. Materials: Magnesium ribbon, and oxygen. Procedure: 1. Measure the mass of the crucible and the cover using the digital balance. 2. Add the Magnesium ribbon into the crucible, and measure the mass of the crucible with the cover and the magnesium ribbon. 3. Put the crucible with its cover containing the magnesium ribbon under heat for 10 minutes. 4. Wait until the crucible returns to its normal temperature and measure its mass using the digital balance. Data Collection and Observations: **THE FIRST EXPERIEMENT** Mass of crucible and cover (grams)Mass of crucible and cover and magnesium (grams)Mass of crucible and cover and magnesium oxide (grams) 64.8264.9865.06 **THE SECOND EXPERIEMENT** Mass of crucible and cover (grams)Mass of crucible and cover and magnesium (grams)Mass of crucible and cover and magnesium oxide (grams) 51.3351.4051.55 To find the mass of magnesium : First experiment: 0.16 grams Second experiment: 0.07 grams To find the mass of oxygen : First experiment: 0.08 grams Second experiment: 0.15 grams Convert the masses to moles to find the empirical formula: First experiment: MgO 0.16 = 0.0066 0.08 = 0.005 24 0.005 160.005 1.32 1 1 THEREFORE, the empirical formula is MgO Second experiment: MgO 0.07 = 0.002916666 0.15 = 0.009375 24 0.002916666 16 0.002916666 1 0.00558 1 THEREFORE, the empirical formula is MgO Result and conclusion: As mentioned in the hypothesis, the empirical formula of magnesium oxide is MgO. The reaction of magnesium with oxygen needs one atom of magnesium and one atom of oxygen to a create a molecule of magnesium oxide. Errors and Improvements: Errors: The opening of the cover allows white ashes (MgO) to escape from the crucible. Magnesium didnt burn in the crucible for the right amount of time, some of the magnesium would not have time to react and form magnesium oxide. Inaccuracy of measurements, as there is many decimals. Improvements: Quickly close back the cover after allowing some oxygen to enter the crucible Leave the magnesium under heat for a longer period of time. Repeat the measurements twice to make sure they are accurate.

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Legitimate Businesses Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Legitimate Businesses - Assignment Example These are some of the most significant reasons behind the improper role of the organized crime making its mark under the aegis of the legitimate businesses in the time and age of today3. The legitimate businesses therefore receiving a number of issues through the collective working ideologies as put forward by the organized crime philosophy4. The mafias destroy the basis of a working environment that exists in an organization and it is for this reason that the top management is most wary of its existence and propagation in the long term scheme of things. The legitimate businesses therefore enact ways and means to make sure that these problems are kept at bay and the hindrances do not appear for one reason or the other5. What is most worrisome is the fact that the mafias keep on getting increased with the passage of time and the legitimate businesses are on the receiving end most of the

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The Islamic Empire Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

The Islamic Empire - Essay Example The Muslim physicians were very early and keen experimenters too, and they invented many surgical techniques and dietary improvements. Unlike Christian doctors of the period, they believed in active intervention to heal people and had considerably more success than western monks and nuns, who mainly offered basic nursing and religious support. 3 The Christian Crusades started out as pious journeys which individuals made as a way of doing penance for their sins. They were extensions of local pilgrimages to various churches and holy places and people banded together to set off for Jerusalem, which was revered above all places on earth because of its association with Jesus Christ. Over time the need for protection against the hazards of the journey grew more intense, whether from opportunist robbers or from some powerful Islamic figures who resented the Christian presence on their lands. The people who went on the large scale and well-armed pilgrimages were usually noblemen and their en tourage, and they were motivated by greed and a sense of adventure, rather than religion. Kings and churches supported the crusades also for political and economic reasons since they distracted people from troubles at home and offered chances to bring back spoils of war. Inventing a horrible enemy encouraged people to become mercenaries and defend their own culture. In an imitation of Islamic ideas, the concept of a â€Å"Holy War† was used to drum up support but in fact, a lot of this was just propaganda with no real basis in fact.

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Media changes Essay Example for Free

Media changes Essay Media changes the rules of how we can view the world. It lets us see that there are realities aside from the reality that we already know. The media shows, for instance, how tragic calamities like tsunamis and hurricanes could be. It also reveals that public school teachers in U. S. could also be violent and abusive towards their students. Now, if these realities didn’t come out of media, would we know that such injustices and inequalities still rampantly occur in human existence? Media also spreads bad influences like violence and pornography. However, these should not constitute the only basis for condemning media. Pornography and hostility already existed decades before media came out. Negligence of parents can’t be blamed for this violence. But it we want our children to view wholesome materials, then parents should initiate a move in monitoring their children’s activities and orient them what materials would be considered as garbage. Youtube. com is just one of the popular forms of media where the people visit to watch and upload videos. While some other sites have a team of reviewers to check on the videos beings submitted to their sites, YouTube o n the other hand is the free site where people can easily upload and access even the inappropriate ones. Inappropriate means videos containing obscene, violent, and offensive language. Kids 11-14 can say that there are videos with inappropriate content. Videos like Hentai (a Japanese pornographic animation) and Harry Potter Puppet Pals are examples of videos that have sexual, gory and foul content. These videos are obviously catchy to children. Indeed, children should never be deprived of their rights to be educated of ugly realities but posting violent and pornographic videos in a site where people, even the young ones, often â€Å"drop by† when they’re on the net could be dangerous. These videos might bring shock to these young, or they might think it is okay to show pornography. With all these issues, parents should guide their children on what they watch and, in some cases, what they upload. Some of these inappropriate videos can only be accessed when he/she registers and must not be a minor, but anybody could lie about the age. It is also advised that children below 18 should have parental guidance, but some parents are not aware that these sites exist. Some parents are not even familiar with the Internet. If children are guarded at home, the could always go to Internet cafes if they would insist or too curious to access these videos. This could still be possible since some cafe’s are very lenient when it comes to censorship. In our generation today, technology is changing and evolving every minute. Though measures are taken and warnings are given, improvement will only be realized with the virtue of responsibility. References Media Awareness Network (n. d. ) Violence in Media Entertainment. Retrieved October 12, 2008, from http://www. media-awareness. ca/english/issues/violence/violence_entertainment. cfm

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The Legalization of Assisted Suicide :: essays research papers fc

The Legalization of Assisted Suicide   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Oregon, the Netherlands, and Belgium are the only three jurisdictions in the world that permit assisted suicide and/or euthanasia. Oregon became the leader of the United States in assisted suicide, when the Oregon legislation passed the Death with Dignity Act in 1994, permitting â€Å"physicians to write prescriptions for a lethal dosage of medication to people with a terminal illness† (Department of Human Services). Oregon’s act specifies who is permitted to assist a terminally ill patient in their time of choosing between life and death. But in the event that the United States as a country legalized assisted suicide, who would determine which patients qualified as terminally ill, and who would be permitted to â€Å"assist† these â€Å"terminally ill† patients? With questions still arising as to how and who on a topic such as assisted suicide, one can only prohibit the action until all aspects have been considered, eliminating confusio n.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Assisted suicide is considered as someone providing another person with information, guidance, and/or means to take his/her own life. It is only considered to be physician assisted suicide (PAS) when a doctor is the provider. In many cases it is the physician who assists a current patient with their final wish of ending his/her life, but what about in other cases? In â€Å"Last Right,† by Carrie Carmichael, Carmichael is asked by her best friend if she (Carmichael’s friend) can jump out of Carmichael’s window. While planning out the action, Carmichael began second-guessing, asking, â€Å"Could I sleep in my room after my friend plunged to her death from my window† (Carmichael, 98)? Not only was Carmichael considering her own emotions, and her own life, but she also considered how the action would affect others: â€Å"Nothing to break her fall. But nothing to protect pedestrians either† (Carmichael, 98). When a person who wishes t o commit suicide pursues assisted suicide, not only is that person affecting themselves, but also those people around them. Carrie Carmichael’s friend had been diagnosed with esophageal cancer, prohibiting her from committing suicide via an over dosage of pills. Carmichael’s friend wanted to commit the suicide before she had became too weak to perform the suicide on her own. In Carrie Carmichael’s case, the â€Å"assistance† provided to her friend was limited because Carmichael drove her friend to the hotel where she would leap from the building, in opposition to those people who injected loved ones with medications or provided the medications for over dosage, only to be provoked to suffocate the family member in time of mishap.

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American Health Insurance

The Impact of American Health Insurance System on Society’s Development The American healthcare system since the 1990’s had been undergoing issues and problems that remains unsolved and unanswered. According to World Health Organization, for the year 2000, US have been the top country when it comes to responsiveness and expenditures, what is puzzling however, is that the country only ranked 37th in overall performance and 72nd when it comes to the nation’s level of health. The US is the only developed country, except for South Africa, who doesn’t provide all its citizens the health care that they need.Furthermore, the uniqueness of this system that differentiates it from the world is the dominance of the private element over the public element. To start of, in 2003 only 15% of the non-elderly American’s populace were insured in public programs while 67% and 18% were insured in a private health insurance and uninsured respectively (Kao Ching Pua 2006 ). There are mainly 2 types of programs in the public insurance the Medicare and the Medicaid. Medicare is a federal program that covers individuals aged 65 and over, as well as some disabled individuals.It is a single-payer program administered by the government (the only entity to perform the insurance function of reimbursement). Medicare and Medicaid are financed by federal income taxes, a payroll tax shared by employers and employees, and individual enrollee premiums. Another program of the government is the Medicaid program that is deigned for the low-income and disabled. In the Private Insurance Sector there is the employer-sponsored insurance and the Private non-group or the individual market. Employer-sponsored insurance represents the main way in which Americans receive health insurance.Employers provide health insurance as part of the benefits package for employees while it also varies widely. In another note, the individual market covers part of the population that is sel f-employed or retired, as well as those who are unable to obtain through employment. Unlike the employer-sponsored insurance, the individual market allows health insurance companies to deny people coverage based on pre-existing conditions (Kao Ching Pua 2006). The emergence of American Insurance System is like a double-edged sword that can either have positive and negative effects on society’s development.If by far that the insurance program is discriminating in its clients by means that it incurs more than it gives out, then by all means it will simply deter the progress that the society aims for. If a well –organized and efficient American Insurance system is carried out, then more satisfied Americans can go on living, having enough stamina and vigor to face the daily challenges ahead which in turn will be good for the economy. The Three Key Initiatives: 1. The Need for better Access and Coverage IssueNagging issues such as inefficiency and failure in access to healt h care delivery system have taken root. In 2004, 45. 8 million Americans were uninsured (US Census Bureau) and expected to rise accordingly by 50 million in the next decade to come. Between 2000 and 2004 alone, the number of the uninsured had increased to 5. 8 million and among them was low-income families and the working middle class (Serber and Gauthler, 2005). The Degree of Risk The risk that in may turn be involved will be the emergence of dishonest and hoaxed companies that’s only goal is to benefit.It can be prevented if the government can steer hold of these from happening so a fair and competitive business can occur where one can mutually benefit with each other. The Internal and External Environmental Strengths and Weaknesses In which case, the government should step up by expanding their public insurance programs so that they can reach those who have low incomes and those who can’t access in ones due to inappropriateness or lack of credentials. It will be the lack of support and initiative from the government should the case be if ever disadvantages might hold.The Ability of the Organization to Respond to Risks The risks can be minimized if the government can strengthen or devise new laws in which it will create positive effects or support the said initiative. Willingness to Commit to Organizational Enhancement A number of private insurances had been emerging that promises better deals and coverage so that lessening the rate of the uninsured may come in due time. These insurance companies have notice the growing dissatisfaction of the American society and are now currently devising well-developed proposals that can answer to the growing demand.The search for a better proposal as one insurance company competes with the other will improve the system that we have today. The Barriers to Organizational Effectiveness There incurs more expenses in medical fees because individuals themselves are hesitant to approach medical care due to the amou nt of money he will lose without thinking of the future disadvantages that he might hold. The more a mild condition is prolonged without treatment, the more will the expense of fees he will gain when the condition becomes worse.It is because he is uninsured or underinsured, that he is unable to go for a check-up. The Three Key Initiatives: 2. the Need for a Better health insurance Policy Issue Problems (Serber and Gauthler, 2005) like gaps in insurance coverage makes it difficult for an individual to fill-out prescription, see specialists when warranted, undergo a medical test treatment or simply to seek advice for a medical problem. Administrative costs is what most of where the expenses in healthcare comes from. It is noted that in 24% of the dollars spent on health care go to administrative costs alone.If ever there is poor access and coverage in insurance systems, more people will incur more expense, because he will choose not to go to a hospital when what he’s feeling is still mild and only decides to when the conditioned that could be prevented earlier comes to worse. The Degree of Risk Policymakers should take into consideration the short-run and long run effects in the implementation or creation of a new policy as well as to extensively study the implications that may affect or contradict to other existing policies, otherwise it will only add up to the burgeoning problems ahead.The Internal and External Environmental Strengths and Weaknesses Government should devise ways in which to control the system so that worse case scenarios can be prevented and see to it that all can avail the program without any disparities or discrimination in income and race. They should be strict with their implementations and policies as well as provide enough space to allow the flow of things to occur and freedom for one to move freely without much fear. The strengthening of policies can discourage evil doings but the lose implementation can lead to the rise of under ground economies.Much will be received if much can be given. The Ability of the Organization to Respond Risks USA is one of the most powerful and wealthiest countries in the world. The amount of problems cannot be ignored but to sum it up, the government made a fairly great job in running the country and making a better policy on the health system wouldn’t be that much difficult if given attention to. This country is where great minds meet and freedom of thinking is welcomed. Willingness to Commit to Organizational EnhancementWith much received attention from the media, scholars and victims of negligent treatments, issues that will pertain on health will be given a solution to, by the government, hopefully. Its mandate after all is to serve the people. The Barriers To Organizational Effectiveness Up to now, some politicians and insurance choose to be blind saying that there is nothing wrong with the health care system, but as years past, it is becoming more and more visible t hat there is something wrong and unless that problem is acknowledge, then it would never be undone. The Three Key Initiatives: 3. The Need for better Information DispersionIssue There is a saying that if you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself. The people should know what they want and learn to voice it out. There will be much response from the administrative body if there is a unified cry. The people should be better informed when it comes to the current problems as well as know how can they break down the existing barriers that obstruct their way in leading a better life. The Degree of Risk People may resort to unnecessary means such as violence and brainwashing just to be heard, distorting the truth and forgetting the real aim of the cause.Small problems become big when misunderstandings and hearsay from unreliable sources (e. g. hearsay and liberal media) accumulate. The Internal and External Environmental Strengths and Weaknesses In this manner, it is all u p to the individual of whether he will give response to the ones happening in his environment. There will be a push and pull effect of the truth from the biased. The Ability of the Organization to Respond to Risks An individual by nature is a social being. Americans are well capable of distinguishing which are or which are not to trust.In the end, the experiences that they will gain will guide them through these undertakings and they themselves will know what is true that will in turn help them to decide. Willingness to Commit to Organizational Enhancement There had been a lot of reliable and accessible publications that describes the truth on what is happening to our system. More and more people are now aware of the existing discrepancies and will meet up to the challenge of providing as system that will work for all. The Barriers To Organizational EffectivenessRepressive reports and biased opinions for the sake of personal gain and protection would shatter the cause to spread out the truth to the public creating a much confused and disorganized community. References Gumbel A. (2007). Sicko? The truth about the US healthcare system. Independent News. Retrieved January 22, 2008 from http://news. independent. co. uk/world/americas Kao-Ping Chua. (2006). Overview of the U. S. Health Care System. AMSA Jack Rutledge Fellow. Retrieved January 22, 2008 from www. amsa. org/uhc/HealthCareSystemOverview. pdf Serber M. and A. Gauthier. (2005).A Need to Transform the US Healthcare System; Improving Access, Quality and Efficiency. Retrieved January 22, 2008 from http://www. commonwealthfund. org/publications/publications_show. htm? doc_id=302833 The US Healthcare System: The Best in the World or Just the Most Expensive? (2001) Bureau of Labor Education. Retrieved January 22, 2008 from dll. umaine. edu/ble/U. S. %20HCweb. pdf William S. Andereck. (2006). Modest proposal: health insurance for every person Drop Medicare, Medicaid and costly insurance. http://www. sfgate. com /cgi-bin/article. cgi? file=/chronicle/archive/2006/08/06/ING9HKAN4E1. DTL. (December 26, 2007).

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Personal Statement On Creative And Free Flowing - 897 Words

Deciding to take the leap at almost 30 years old, to go to college was a big one. I was very anxious as I started to register for class, writing is not my strong suit. I always viewed writing as creative and free flowing, which I have much difficulty with, structure and routine is more my speed. I did not believe I would do as well as I did in English 101, and actually enjoying it. I did have some difficulties at times, but I did not give up, I exhausted all available resources and did my best. I actually excel in public speaking, I am able to command my audience and keep them captivated until the very end. I do large presentations on a daily basis for work, my passion for my job shows through my presentations. I have never been good at putting in words on paper my thoughts, I tend to over think and the perfectionist in me is constantly looking for changes or tweaks that can be made. I also rely on facts and statistics and can use them to make compelling arguments, creativity tends t o lack in train of thought. Although I was a bit overwhelmed before I began this course, I was looking forward to the possibility of unleashing any creativity bottled up deep inside me. Learning that writing, although creative, is actual very structured really helped me become a better writer. I was able to understand article betters, and better understand what I was writing about. My essay themes for this semester was â€Å"Gender† and the â€Å"American Dream†. These topics held very close places in myShow MoreRelatedPersonal Growth : Decluttering Your Creative Space1479 Words   |  6 PagesFirst Steps to Personal Growth: Decluttering Your Creative Space By Tonya White Johnson | Submitted On November 16, 2015 Recommend Article Article Comments Print Article Share this article on Facebook Share this article on Twitter Share this article on Google+ Share this article on Linkedin Share this article on StumbleUpon Share this article on Delicious Share this article on Digg Share this article on Reddit Share this article on Pinterest Expert Author Tonya White Johnson One of the firstRead MoreFat Man Little Boy3852 Words   |  16 Pagestwo very diverse organizational types was to develop an organizational structure, establish roles, divide authority and control, as well as outline functional teams. Prior to Groves and Oppenheimer effectively integrating the military world and the free spirited scientist, they first had to decipher the values that motivated these groups in order to adequately plan for successful integration. The interdependence, mechanistic structure set up by General Groves was so rigid that it prohibited the groupsRead MoreHolistic Development of Children3284 Words   |  13 Pagesany moment it can change direction based on the need and personality of the children. This definition has been echoed by Bruce (2004) that play is like fluid and free-flowing. He further explains that the entire point concerning play cannot be pinned down, that it flows and is on the move. There are obstacles that can limit free flowing play, for example, adults, time, relationships, routines, interferences, environment, disability, circumstances among others that tend to flow in the natural directionRead MoreMy Final College Essay1677 Words   |  7 Pagesthe essay in a way that wrapped the entire essay back up in a short meaningful, stylistic way. That I felt I did well with my last line being â€Å"That was the first time I had said â€Å"I love you† in well, I couldnt tell you.† Through writing that last statement I felt I summed up a struggling relationship I held with my mother sparring details that spanned over years into a simple sentence that echoed around the core concept. This was the only breakthrough I met as I wrote this essay recalling the nightRead MoreThe Cultural Experience Of The Biennale Of Sydney2122 Words   |  9 Pagestechnology and the power it holds to transport us to another world allowing new concepts and opportunities to ar ise however it also removes us from our environment and physical bodies. The aims of the Biennale of Sydney is to allow inventive and creative experimentation to be explored and to challenge the norms of predictable artmaking practices. The Biennale advocates a real cultural experience through combining the many different artworks created by many different artists instigating a global conversationRead MoreManagement Theories And Organizational Leadership2751 Words   |  12 Pagessharing ideas to achieve a pool of ideas for use by the company. Non-traditional structures have flatter hierarchies and is seen as a loose and flexible approach to control. Benefits of this is that employees are motivated and empowered allowing for creative solutions to be thought of. However, this approach does offer a lack of control of operations, with confusing and chaotic communications where no extra pay or remunerations are offered for the extra work that staff do. Contingency approach, supportedRead MoreAn Analysis Of Parker J. Palmer1975 Words   |  8 PagesPalmer concentrates on incorporating the concept of a paradox into education. Palmer explains that the poles of a paradox are like the poles of a battery: hold them together and they generate the energy of life; pull them apart, and the current stops flowing. As if breathing in without breathing out, when we separate any of the profound paired truths of our lives, Palmer explains that we become lifeless. He outlines six paradoxes that embrace a both-and approach rather than a divisive either-or whileRead MoreMaslow Model1923 Words   |  8 Pagesby the American psychologist Abraham Maslow. Ref: A Theory of Human Motivation (1943). NEW: Add your comments to the Deepermind Blog Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs 1 Self Actualization Needs (full potential) 2 Esteem Needs (self respect, personal worth, autonomy) 3 Love and Belongingness Needs (love, friendship, comradeship) 4 Safety Needs (security; protection from harm) 5 Physiological Needs (food, sleep, stimulation, activity) B Values In general, values reflect one s judgmentRead MoreArtistry As Humanity : Winston Smith1860 Words   |  8 Pagesand poverty lie on every street corner, and one cannot trust nobody or nothing. This system is all due to the one reigning political entity, the Ingsoc Party, which exercises complete power over all aspects of life for all citizens. There is no creative or intellectual thought, no art, culture or history, and no compassion or love for one another. The citizens of the 1984 world, Oceania, are trapped in an imaginary dome revolving around the Party with only one correct ideology, no accurate recordsRead MoreInstallation Art And Its Impact On Art2857 Words   |  12 PagesINSTALLATION ART Installation art is living art which makes it relevant in our daily lives. It can be seen on display in communities, in business, in architecture, and in education. Additionally, it is pivotal in making a political statement as well as entertainment inclusively film installations, film and television productions. Installation Art did for art, what film did for photography, bringing life and movement into what would otherwise be still. Business use of installation art and the excitement